Study Claims Just 30% Of Current College Students On Tinder Have Met Someone From The App


The majority of US college students use dating app Tinder, but only 30% have met someone from the app, according to a new study released this week.

Performed by student loan marketplace LendEDU, the research asked college students two broad questions about the online dating app.

The first, asked of 3,852 current college students between September 2015 and March 2017, was: “Have you ever met up with someone off Tinder?”

The responses were taken from a poll on millennial consumer insights platform WhatsGoodly, and found that just 29.2% of respondents said they had met someone they’d matched with.

This was despite the fact that 72% of millennial college students said they used the location-based app.


The second question collected responses from 9,761 college students on WhatsGoodly between November 2015 and March 2017, on the query: “Why do you use Tinder?”

For this question, LendEDU said 22.22% of the college students answered they were “looking for a hookup” and only 4.16% said they were “looking for a relationship”.

Interestingly, the most popular answer from singles (44.44%) was that they were using Tinder for “confidence-boosting procrastination”.

A further 29.16% said they were using the app for other reasons.


Speaking about its study, LendEDU said: “The results to this question can explain Tinder’s role in the online/mobile dating world. If people are seeking a serious relationship, then they are most likely not going to use Tinder.

“Online sites like or OkCupid are more conducive to finding a long-term relationship because of the older demographics they attract.

“Additionally, even though more people use Tinder to find a hookup over a serious relationship, most of the app’s users are not even genuine about that.

“Many people on Tinder are only looking to boost their confidence by racking up matches with no real intention of meeting that person.”

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To read the full LendEDU study please click here.