Study: Going Green is a Green Flag

A new study of over 1,000 Americans explored the appeal of eco-friendly behaviours in potential romantic partners. It identified which environmentally-conscious acts are the biggest green flags, and how eco-friendly issues can cause disagreements in a relationship.

The study by Velotric found that biking to work, driving a hybrid car, identifying as a nature lover, as well as using reusable bags and water bottles were the top 5 eco-friendly green flags. Respondents said not believing in global warming and littering are big red flags.

Among all generations, Gen Z were the most likely to find it attractive when someone states on their dating profile that they’re eco-friendly. 

When asked about the impact of having the same level of eco-consciousness as a partner, 33% of respondents said it would lead to more intimacy, while 50% said it would lead to more communication overall.

Men who said the environment was important to them had 3x more sex than men who didn’t. Additionally, the more eco-conscious individuals had more satisfying sex lives compared to those who don’t, the report found.

Over half of respondents have broken up with a partner because their habits weren’t eco-friendly, with over 80% saying disagreements over the issue have led to arguments with a partner.

Veloctric, an ebike company, spoke with 1,003 Americans for this study. 600 were Men, 390 were women, 7 were nonbinary, and 3 chose to identify as something else. They were aged between 19 to 78, with a mean age of 29.

You can find the full study at this link.

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