Study: The Challenges of the Honeymoon Phase

A study of 12,000 daters explores how couples interact and behave once they’ve entered the ‘honeymoon phase’. This includes the number of arguments had and the challenges faced. 

12,000 daters in India spoke with QuackQuack about the honeymoon phase, the early carefree stages of a relationship. This period may not be as smooth-sailing as some believe. 

Over a quarter of women over 30, who are currently in long-term relationships, shared that there are less arguments during these initial stages of dating. However, 38% of single women in their twenties shared that more arguments tend to happen after one year of dating, with most of them around easily-avoidable issues.

A third of couples shared that their number one source of arguments was ‘making the relationship official’. 18% of respondents said posting couple pictures is one of the biggest reasons for conflict, as one partner is always more keen than the other.

12% of couples also fight about telling friends about the relationship, QuackQuack revealed.

44% of daters from India’s biggest cities shared that the early stages of dating include a Euphoric Phase, where everything seems perfect. But in reality, judgement can be clouded during this period and daters jump head-first into relationships, with potential regrets later.

Another negative that can come during this supposedly joyous period is the compromises made. 29% of daters between 18 and 25 say they are in the habit of giving up friends and things they enjoyed, due to their new partner. QuackQuack shares that around 6 out of 10 people lose at least one friend after they start dating.

QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented “Every month, we see around 24 million chats exchanged, and almost 37% of these messages are swapped between new matches who are thinking of taking their relationship further ahead.”

“The ‘new couples’ on the platform have a unique demeanour to them, and we notice at least 7% of these people hastily jumping into a relationship”, he added. 

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