Survey: 98% Prefer Similar Dress Sense in a Partner

In a study of 2000 online dating users, it was revealed that dress sense plays a key role in how singles assess each other. 98% of people admitted that they are less likely to date someone who has a different dress sense to them.

Conducted by clothing outlet Barneys Originals, the survey found that men are more likely than women to seek someone with a similar style. 98% of men stated that they specifically look for someone with a similar style.

“It’s natural for us to find visual clues when searching for like-minded people. Common ground is, of course, essential when building a new relationship and your outfit says much more about you than you may have originally thought”, said Barneys Original’s Inhouse Stylist, Amy Fletcher-Gratton.

In the fast-paced world of online dating, these visual clues are a sure-fire way to save time and rule people out – despite how brutal it may seem”, she added.

With dress sense playing a key role in attraction, could dating apps encourage users to use photos that accurately convey their style? This could help singles find partners that they are more compatible with from the very start.