Survey Indicates Tantan’s Popularity Among Successful Women in Big Cities

Tantan surveyed over 4,000 women in some of China’s biggest cities to learn more about how online dating habits vary throughout the population.

Residents from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen participated in the study. The results indicated that almost half of them used Tantan and it was especially popular among professionals. There was an apparent correlation between higher salaries and higher activity.

However, the app isn’t used exclusively for dating, with its most common purpose being to meet friends and expand social circles.

Tantan announced earlier this year that it was planning to alter its growth strategy in certain markets, with an added focus on social networking and pan-entertainment experiences.

Almost 60% of the women said dating apps have made them more confident when speaking to men, and they are taking control of their own romantic journey. Millennials prefer to date by themselves, rather than being set up for marriage by their family.

They also didn’t like men who made inappropriate contact on a date, were rude to service staff, or voiced discriminatory comments. Unsurprisingly, the women said they wanted a boyfriend who acted respectfully, supported gender equality and took responsibility.

Momo, Tantan’s parent company, has looked to expand its reach to some of the country’s smaller cities. It released Qianshou Love at the end of 2019 which was a relationship-focused slow dating app.

Users received 15 recommended matches per day and the app was only released on certain app stores that were popular outside of the main metropolises due to their lower prices.

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