Survey: The Reasons Why First Dates Are Scared Away

Just in time for Halloween and spooky season, Dating.Com has revealed a new survey looking at the reasons why first dates are scared off. Here are 6 of those reasons:

  1. A key ‘don’t’ on a first date is immediately asking someone if they’re ready to commit to a new relationship. This was a negative trait identified by 53% of respondents.
  2. Another reason why someone might be put off on a first date is rudeness. 47% of respondents shared that they did not pursue a second date with someone because they noticed rude behaviour towards waiters and other people they encountered.
  3. 76% of respondents shared that they would not pursue a second date with someone who is frequently checking their phone on a first date.
  4. 41% of those surveyed stated that dates became a negative experience when the other talked too much about an ex.
  5. Being on time is very important for 60% of respondents, who said that being late would mean no second date.
  6. Many say that communication is key to a healthy relationship, hence why 34% of respondents said a first date was ruined by the other person talking about themselves too much.

“The first date is a way to start getting to know your new boo, however even if it’s in a casual setting, it should still be a time to be on your best behaviour”, said Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of

“It can be a make or break for singles. If the first date doesn’t go well, it’s likely you won’t get a second chance. Singles want to make meaningful connections without wasting their time, so don’t scare off your date with inconsiderate or flippant behaviour or they’ll be afraid to invest any more time in you”, she continued. 

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