Switzerland Grows Unvaccinated ‘Impffrei: Love’

A Swiss team has continued the growth a new dating platform designed specifically for the unvaccinated against COVID-19. ‘Impffrei: Love’, translated as ‘Vaccfree: Love’, has been launched with ‘conscious relationship’ in mind.

Their website states that: “Vaccfree: Love is an initiative of the association Generation Freiheit. The association is committed to non-profit, idealistic purposes and promotes a holistic development of mankind and nature. In particular, Generation Freiheit is committed to health issues and to the development of connections between conscious people. For this purpose, the association provides a digital platform for conscious people who are interested in relationships, connection and exchange. For the platform, the association takes over exclusively administrative tasks.”

Vaccfree: Love charges 100 francs per six months, giving users membership to the site and a passive membership in the association Generation Freiheit, which operates the platform. “One of our main goals is to network conscious people within Switzerland and internationally and to enable relationships between them,” writes the association on its website.

According to CH Media, in a survey conducted by the Parship dating platform in May 2021, 40 percent of the singles surveyed said they only date people who have the same opinion as themselves about the pandemic and protective measures.