Tantan Becomes Fifth Most Popular Dating App in India

Tantan has successfully expanded into the Indian online dating market to become the fifth most popular dating app, according to Annie App, a provider of mobile market data.

The two-year-old Chinese dating app burst into the competitive Indian dating market, and puts its success down to the ability to adapt to a wide variety of cultural needs.

Zhibai Han, Vice President of Growth, said to APN News“We are an Asian company, and we value and respect the cultural differences and the uniqueness of user needs.”

Tantan has wishes to further expand its influence on the online dating scene in India.

Han added: “The Indian market is one of the most valued markets to explore. In 2020, we are increasing investment in the country and [hope to] discover new opportunities to connect with Indian users.”

This year, Tantan plans to reach the Top 3 most popular dating apps in the country and hopes to add new features which will appeal to younger users. It intends to start 2020 with a new campaign for Valentine’s Day in which dating authorities will advertise the brand’s messaging.

So far, Tantan has focused on creating a safer dating community, especially for its female users, and has employed a more culturally diverse team of auditors to reflect the needs of Tantan’s growing user base. 

In May 2019, the company revealed that it had 270 million users worldwide and was doubling the number of Indian users every three months.

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