Tantan Reveals ‘Social+’ Strategy in Pivot Away From Dating

Tantan has announced an alteration to its strategy in South East Asia. The app have more of a focus on social and entertainment streams, to mirror the way user behaviour changed during 2020.

The new plan is referred to as ‘Social+’, and will see Tantan move its focus away from online dating and towards a variety of verticals, including video content, gaming and offline activities.

It will be largely based around the already existing live streaming feature which has seen exponential growth during the pandemic.

A new ‘Retail’ business model is also rumoured to be introduced, which create partnerships with local businesses to help users have relationships in an offline environment as well.

Jack Wu, Tantan’s Senior Director of Business Development, explained in a statement: “When we all cut back on physical encounters during the lockdown a while ago, we realized that maintaining our social relationships, and having a healthy and happy mind is also an essential. 

“Realizing that, we are triggered to change Tantan’s previous role from a social connector platform to Social+, by presenting a fresh pan-entertainment experience, to provide positive benefits for our mind or mindset by interacting live with other people or also enjoying entertainment to pamper ourselves.”

A Tantan mobile game is currently being worked on, with aims to launch in the first quarter of 2022. It will combine AR/VR technology with the latest 5G developments to provide players with a modern and immersive gaming experience.

Select content producers will also be invited to take part in training programs to provide them with the necessary skills to increase traffic and achieve their goals of becoming a full-time influencer.

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