‘Team Bumble’ Partners with Caffeine to Livestream Fortnite Gameplay

All-female esports team ‘Team Bumble‘ has partnered with the online broadcasting platform Caffeine to stream their content and encourage girls to join the gaming community.

The group’s members Madison Mann, Tina Perez, Carlee Gress and Hannah Reyes, will use the new service to stream their Fortnite gameplay, as well as addressing health, well-being and competitive gaming.

Madison Mann said to Bustle“I’m excited to be able to expand our audience and connect with the female gaming community that is hungry for content that speaks to them – the female gaming community is constantly growing, and there should be more people who can speak specifically to that.

“In addition to our Fortnite streams, we are looking forward to talking more openly about health, wellness, and competitive gaming in a new way!”

Traditionally, men have dominated the esports community but the number of female players has grown in recent years. A 2019 survey by data firm, Intercept, revealed that 30% of esport viewers and 35% of esport gamers are women.

The team also hopes that its streaming channel will create a safe and inclusive environment for these women to play video games without fear of bullying, hate speech or racism.

Tina Perez said to Bustle“I want as many girls to compete as possible. Part of the reason they don’t is that women are afraid that they’ll do bad, or don’t feel like they’re skilled enough, or that they’ll be harassed. That’s what we want to change.”

Last month, Tinder agreed to sponsor paiN Gaming’s Free Fire, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Clash Royale teams.

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