The Future of Match Group Asia

Malgosia Green, CEO of Match Group Asia, has outlined plans for the newly created division in a recent interview.

Speaking with Fast Company, Green shared that Match Group sees the region as full of potential, and therefore it was deserving of its own focus, whereas previously it was bundled together with Europe. That’s why she will be relocating to Singapore soon.

Japan is a key market in the Asia region. It’s Match’s second largest market, outside of the US, but still has room to grow in terms of online dating adoption. “Almost half of singles in Japan want a partner, but do absolutely nothing, so they do not actively date, let alone online date”, Green explained.

“There’s a lot of upside there if we can somehow convince even five more percent of the people who are doing nothing or the ones who haven’t tried an online dating product . . . there’s a lot of opportunity there,” Green told Fast Company.

Something to keep an eye on moving forward is Match’s trust and safety features in Asia, where regulations may differ. For instance, Japan requires age verification for dating apps, meaning user onboarding may look different compared with Western countries.

Another focus for the Match Group Asia CEO is Hyperconnect, the Korean social media and video brand that Match acquired in 2021. 

“A lot of my focus with Hyperconnect is to figure out how do we unleash a lot of that creativity and innovation and that amazing AI team…and let them look at quickly ideating, coming up with creative new solutions, bringing them to market, and testing them and seeing which ones take off”, said Green.