The GDI Podcast: Adam4Adam’s COO Discusses Campaign Combating Sexual Racism!

Adam4Adam was first launched in 2003, making it one of the oldest LGBTQ dating services in the industry.

It is also proud of its diversity, as company data shows more than half of the members are non-white. Because of this, Adam4Adam is helping to combat sexual racism, an issue which is prevalent within the LGBTQ dating community.

Several gay dating apps joined together at the beginning of Pride Month to launch a campaign to make the space more positive and friendly.

‘NiceAF’ encouraged users from Adam4Adam, Grindr, Perry Street Software, POZ Personal and DaddyHunt to post videos talking about their personal dating history and how they think their experiences could be improved.

Adam4Adam’s COO David Lesage appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk more about the campaign, how the platform has responded to the Black Lives Matter movement, and how Pride Month was celebrated during lockdown.

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