The GDI Podcast: CitySwoon Begins Hosting Offline Dating Events Again After COVID-19!

A few years ago, CitySwoon started to develop its own technology to host speed dating and singles events in a virtual capacity. This decision turned out to be more than beneficial in March 2020, when the company was forced to cancel all of its offline gatherings.

CitySwoon has always offered its users a hybrid product, with a traditional online dating platform alongside dedicated events to get the community meeting the old fashioned way. It was first founded in Australia and has since expanded to North America before entering London during the pandemic.

With vaccine roll outs advancing positively around the world, the company is starting to move offline again in select markets. However, virtual events will continue to play an important role in the future as the concept resonated strongly with the community over the past 18 months.

Chris Marnie is CitySwoon’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator and has recently moved to London to help strengthen the company’s impact in the UK.

He appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk about how operations changed throughout the pandemic, the plans for moving offline again around the world, and what he’s most excited about in the next couple of years.

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