The GDI Podcast: Feeld’s New CEO Ana Kirova Talks Sex Positivity and Polyamory!

While the stigma around online dating has receded substantially over the past few years, there is still a lot of negative connotations associated with sex positive and polyamorous platforms.

Feeld is one of the leading offerings in this category, providing a safe space for people to explore their identity, learn more about themselves and connect with similarly open-minded individuals and couples.

Ana Kirova was one of the main inspirations for the app, after developing feelings for a woman while being in a serious relationship with Feeld’s eventual founder Dimo Trifonov. She officially joined the team in 2016, two years after its launch, and worked her way up to Chief Product Officer.

Earlier this year, when Dimo decided it was time to step down and focus on other projects, Ana took over as CEO. Her main priority is maintaining a quality service for existing users, but she is also working hard to improve the brand’s overall reputation.

Ana appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk about how her first six months in the new role have been, the challenges that come with running an app like Feeld, and why it is so difficult to shake existing perceptions. 

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