The GDI Podcast: German Dating Agency LemonSwan Looks After ‘What Women Want’

LemonSwan is an early stage dating and matchmaking agency based in Germany, designed to help singles find serious, long-term relationships.

It was founded by Arne Kahlke, a former CEO of Parship, who has since taken a step back from day-to-day operation. That responsibility has now fallen to Managing Directors CEO Sabine Schöler, COO Paul Uhlig and CFO Britta Künstler.

LemonSwan has a specific focus on looking after its female users. The tagline, ‘What Women Want’, echoes its dedication to facilitating committed relationships, rather than casual hookups.

The brand now has over 380,000 members and closed a seven-figure funding round last year which will help it expand its impact and new markets.

Sabine appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk about LemonSwan’s overall mission, how it looks after women to provide them with the best possible dating experience, and her history in the industry competing with Arne at Parship.

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