The GDI Podcast: Industry Experts Discuss Survey Results and Online Dating User Safety!

This special episode of The GDI Podcast welcomes three expert guests to talk about two of the biggest issues in the online dating industry: user safety and privacy.

As the world ground to a halt and everyone was forced to use mobile devices as their only means of communication, the number of singles turning to online dating platforms increased rapidly. They used them to pass the time, go on virtual dates and even talk with people on the other side of the world.

This, in turn, presented an opportunity for romance scammers to target more victims than ever before. However, this is a challenge that the industry has been trying to tackle since its inception and brands are constantly changing their policies to push back against the evolving strategies of bad actors.

Global Dating Insights wanted to learn more about how online dating platforms view their current processes surrounding safety, security and fraud. We distributed a questionnaire that was filled out by more than 1,000 professionals from every corner of the dating space, to understand how companies of all sizes operate.

Neil Davis, Chief Business Officer of RealMe, Justin Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Spectrum Labs, and Freelance Chief Marketing Officer Charly Lester appeared on the podcast to discuss the results and share their opinions on how we can do better as a collective industry.

As part of this series on safety and privacy, all three guests will be returning for a one-off webinar on Wednesday, 12th May at 5pm BST, to discuss the issue in more detail. We’re inviting everyone to register for free and send any questions for our panel to

This is an incredibly important topic and there is so much more that needs to be spoken about, so make sure you send in your questions and register for the upcoming webinar.

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