The GDI Podcast: Learning About the New HubStars and Dig Partnership!

At the end of June, HubStars announced that Dig would be its first new partner as a result of the ‘Million Dollar Dating Project’.

The leading SaaS company will assist the ‘Dating App for Dog People’ take its already popular product to the next level. Dig has launched in a large number of cities across the US, and will use the extra help to introduce new community features, expand internationally and develop a web platform.

The HubStars team has years of experience marketing in the online dating industry and will also play a role in Dig’s future digital campaigns.

HubStars’ owner Michael O’Sullivan and Dig’s CEO Leigh D’Angelo appeared on The GDI Podcast to talk more about the details of the partnership.

They explained how they first met at GDI’s London Conference, why they decided that this collaboration is the right way to go, and what updates we can expect to see along the way.

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