The Independent Investigates the Sugar Dating World


The Independent has published a longform article exploring the world of sugar dating. Their piece covers a range of leading apps in the market niche.

They found “the arrangement isn’t always as straightforward as you’d imagine – and there’s an entire spectrum of arrangements, all couched in surprisingly opaque language.”

On Sugarmodels, rich users are encouraged to “pamper” their babies, while on babies can look forward to “sweetening his spare time and sharing his luxury lifestyle”.

Popular choice SeekingArrangement will find sugar babies an “experienced” “mentor” for “mutually beneficial” relationships.

“Men get the companionship of a young, vibrant woman who is ok with the fact that this relationship might not end in marriage,” the company states.

Supposedly, their relationships come “without the hidden agendas and baggage” of a less transactional date.

Most apps, The Independent notes, require users to decide on which role they would like to take up in the parent-baby world, before asking them to disclose some financial information.

Parents tend to advertise their net worth or annual income, while babies outline their desired stipend.

Some apps also request users describe their sex drive, turn ons, and to declare whether or not they have a “secret love nest”.

Men on the apps tended to describe themselves using words like “rich”, “finest” and “impressive”.

The vague language around the parental “perks” and the lack of an integrated payment system are what help to distance sugar dating apps from prostitution (legal in England), the article notes.

Solicitor Zita Spencer told The Independent: “If members come to an agreement between themselves regarding payment for sexual activity then that is a matter for them but not a criminal offence”.

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Scott Harvey

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