The Inner Circle to Launch VIP Subscriptions

Elite dating platform The Inner Circle is set to launch a new VIP subscription tier. VIP members will be able to see which users have ‘liked’ their profile already.

Founder and CEO David Vermeulen said: “It’s an easy way to find out who’s interested in you, and you can make instant matching and connections”. The feature has reportedly seen a successful A/B test.

Vermeulen revealed the feature in a Digital Waves interview, where he also covered the early years of the app and recent launches in Asia. He said that the app will begin moving into South America shortly.  

London, New York and Los Angeles are the top Inner Circle locations at present, with London in particular hosting top singles events with hundreds of attendees.

Last night, The Inner Circle hosted a Tropical Hideaway at Mahiki Kensington. The event featured polynesian dancers, a ukulele player, cocktails in treasure chests and a performance from international saxophonist Chris Sharp.

On financing, the CEO noted that the app has not needed any external funding. It has long been profitable.

Though external funding could help the brand grow faster, Vermeulen prefers to launch in cities one by one. That way, he says, the company can learn from its mistakes and get each location right.

He closes the interview by saying that there are no plans to sell the company, IPO or make radical changes, calling the CEO role “the best job in the world”.

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