The League CEO on the Importance of Travel for Personal Growth

Amanda Bradford, CEO and Founder of The League, has spoken to Fast Company about the advice she wishes she’d had in her 20s.

Her top tip is that young people should look to travel and experience the world as much as possible.

Doing so is something that people “rarely” regret, and global exploration was recommended to her by her former boss at Google.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur said: “I wish I had traveled and forged my own global experience in my 20s because now it’s just too hard. I’m devoted to The League and its rapid growth.

“As the app expands into international cities – already in London and Paris – it would be helpful to have firsthand knowledge of each market and a network of people on the ground.”

The article notes that the app has 1.5 million people on its waiting list, spread across some 60 global cities. During a typical year, the company grows 100%.

In October, Bradford’s startup launched in a number of new locations including Memphis and Honolulu.

Former Head of Communications Meredith Davis was included in this year’s GDI Power Book, in part for the role she played helping to expand the app into new territories.

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Scott Harvey

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