The League Wants To Combat Ghosting With New Read Receipts For Premium Users

The League

Exclusive dating app The League has introduced read receipts to its premium service, in an effort to reduce ghosting and the stress of not receiving a reply.

First launched in 2015 in San Francisco on iOS, The League has since expanded to New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C., finally hitting Android this January.

The platform’s latest update sees it introducing read receipts for its premium users, which will let them see when someone has read their messages.

The League said this feature was the most requested by early users of the premium program, when it launched a test of the service last May.

Founder and CEO of The League, Amanda Bradford, explains that read receipts will add a level of accountability for users who “ghost” their matches – the process of ignoring an online date in order to end a relationship, with no explanation why.

She also said it will help reduce the stress of not receiving a reply, and enable singles to make better decisions about who to pursue.

Bradford said: “We hope this feature will cause our flaky users to be more polite in responding since now it is obvious if they are ‘ghosting,’ but even if it doesn’t, it gives the users on the other end of the match more information to make decisions about who to wait on.”

The League’s premium program – which costs $179 a year, or $15 per month – was first tested in May 2016, and gives singles a number of additional features such as increased visibility, in-depth profile stats and a personal dating concierge.

Speaking about the premium service, which is available now, Bradford said: “Our goal is to build out a valuable membership program that works for the super busy, hard­working type-A users we are lucky enough to have logging in daily.

“Because our community is smaller and tighter­-knit it means each member gets to have a huge impact on our product roadmap.”

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