The League’s New ‘Power Move’ Feature Lets Users Pay To Get Seen First

Power Move
The League is introducing a new feature that guarantees you are seen first by the people you like the most.

Called Power Move, the new feature is similar to Tinder’s Super Like, enabling singles to show a “special” interest in someone.

The only difference is that users will have to spend $7 each time they want to make a Power Move.

The idea for the feature came from The League’s CEO & founder Amanda Bradford, who said that because of her busy and ever-changing schedule, she personally found it difficult to get offline on dates, something that was affirmed by other users of The League.

Bradford said: “If I see a profile I think could be a ‘match’ AND I actually have time for a date that week, I want to jump on the opportunity right away.

“But here’s the catch: chances are, I’m waiting in line behind a lot of other people who have also “hearted” that profile.”

Power Move

As it stands, The League’s matching algorithm only shows a handful of the best matches to singles on the app every day.

And although this means you see the people you are most likely to get on with first, it also means people who have liked you might not appear in this feed for a little while.

Bradford explains: “If the algorithm decides I’m a low probability of match with Billy, then I have to wait the entire 18 days for him to see me…and that’s assuming he’s logging in DAILY and voting on all profiles.

“An average user logs in 5.2x/week, so realistically, the wait is even longer.”

And so The League decided to introduce Power Move, which bumps you up someone’s list of potential dates and ensures that you will come up first in the next batch.

The feature works by asking users if they want to make a Power Move when they “heart” a profile.

If they click yes, they get queue jumped and are given the option to send a message to get the ball rolling.

And when your profile appears on the other user’s feed, they are notified that you have made a Power Move with a “special indicator” on your profile.

The league

Explaining the benefits of the feature, Bradford said: “Data shows that when someone indicates interest, the other person is 3X as likely to reciprocate and make a match.

“It shouldn’t be surprising that people on The League are attracted to those who go after what they want; that’s what ambition is.”

It certainly makes sense for a feature like this to be operated on a pay-per-use basis, rather than bundling it into a subscription model as apps like Tinder have done.

But despite The League’s target market, $7 is still quite a high price for a feature singles can get for free elsewhere, but if it’s successful in getting users high-quality matches, it could prove a winner.

Read Amanda Bradford’s blog post about the new feature here.