The Meet Group Joins Tech Coalition

The Meet Group, which provides a variety of live streaming solutions and dating platforms, has joined the Tech Coalition. The coalition is a global network that combats online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

The Tech Coalition states that the growth of the internet has created a borderless and connected world, unfortunately creating opportunities for children to face harm. This can include grooming, sexting, sexual extortion and more.

The organisation works to address these issues by providing resources and mentorship to its Members. The coalition’s members represent some of the biggest tech companies in the world including Apple, Amazon, Bumble, Twitter, TikTok, Meta, and now The Meet Group.

“At The Meet Group, we are dedicated to providing an environment where our members can connect and interact safely,” said Geoff Cook, co-founder and CEO of The Meet Group. 

“Our commitment to improving online safety extends beyond our own apps. The Tech Coalition is committed to creating a safer digital world for children and we are honored to be part of that mission. We look forward to collaborating with global tech leaders to combat the online sexual abuse and exploitation of minors”, Cook added.

“The Meet Group brings a great perspective that includes a mix of building Trust & Safety solutions for both dating services, as well as for live video and creator economies”, shared Sean Litton, Executive Director of the Tech Coalition.

Some of the safety measures already in place at The Meet Group include being able to take samples from live streams every few seconds for proactive content moderation, up to 100 million per day.

Other tools at their disposal include using AI to estimate the age of streamers to prevent minors from using adult-only apps, and algorithms to prevent hate speech from being shared.