The Meet Group to Host Webinar on Safer Online Dating

The Meet Group will host a webinar as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ in order to encourage a safer dating community and raise awareness of other online issues.

The webinar will centre on online safety and the future of safe dating. Geoff Cook, co-founder and CEO of The Meet Group, will be one of the panellists.

As part of its commitment to online safety, The Meet Group employs over 500 members of staff, working to create a safer online environment.

It has also recently joined The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, a movement which aims to protect children from all types of violence.

Also taking part in the webinar, which is being chaired by founder of the Internet Dating Excellence Association Mark Brooks, is Hornet CEO Christof Wittig, Jaumo CEO Jens Kammerer and Cybersafety Group founder Parry Aftab.

Safer Internet Day started in 2004 as a way of raising awareness of online issues such as cyberbullying, human trafficking and identity theft.

Blake Kuhre, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at The Meet Group, has recently published a blog post informing readers that they are working with companies, such as Microsoft and the Online Dating Association, to create a safer dating community.

The webinar is taking place today (11th February) at 2:30pm EST and will include a 30-minute discussion followed by a Q&A session.

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