The Meetery: The Bad Date Solution

The Meetery is a dating app that encourages IRL meetups, with multiple built-in features to make the experience more convenient. It also looks to limit wasted time, believing that it is socially acceptable to leave a date after one drink.

The platform’s other helpful features include a social calendar where offline dates can be scheduled. Once singles are on a date, the app has a timer function which helps keep things on track.

It also has safety tools, including time-limited chats, profile verification, and assisting users to notify friends & family of their meetup details.

Global Dating Insights spoke with Stephanie Hilton and Bayleigh Frickey, Co-Founders of The Meetery.

GDI: What challenge / flaw did you recognise in the current dating scene, and how does The Meetery address it? 

There are so many flaws in the current dating scene, mainly that people don’t ACTUALLY meet! 

The Meetery addresses this by making it painfully simple to invite someone on a date, with a proprietary calendar we designed/built. You put in all your information up front (day/time/public location) and then while you scrolling through potential matches you just send them an invite for a 30 min first date. We like to call ourselves the ‘one drink’ dating app. Also, safety is very important to us and The Meetery has a ton of safety features to make our users feel comfortable. 

Finally, we are proud of the post-date feedback. We are eliminating the questions users feel after a date of whether the person will call them/wants to see them again. We have another painfully simple thumbs up/down to indicate to the other person if you’re interested in meeting again. If both people give a thumbs up – the chat feature opens to plan a 2nd date. If either party gives a thumbs down, the match disappears.

GDI: What features or values does the Meetery have, which you feel are particularly valuable to female users? 

Our safety features are 100% most valuable to female users. You are required to sign up with a phone number, there’s mandatory photo verification, once you set up a date – you text your entire date information to family/friends directly from the app, you can only meet in public places, etc.

GDI: Looking ahead, what are your plans for The Meetery for the rest of 2023? 

Our plans for 2023 are vast. We are currently actively looking/interviewing for a technical co-founder, we will be partnering with local businesses in New Orleans and Baton Rouge to promote the app and hopefully fundraising to bring the app outside of Louisiana!

You can find out more about The Meetery by visiting its website here.