The Startup Roundup – 10th April 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. AgeBlock app launched to ensure age restrictions for online content – AgeBlock is a new mobile tool that helps parents restrict their children’s access to over four million pornographic and adult-oriented websites and apps.
  2. WILD: The fastest way to meet & date with hot singles nearby! – This startup hookup app has verified the photos of the majority of its users to limit the number of fake accounts.
  3. Jaamly can help make sure your app is approved by Apple and seen by the world – It takes care of all the metadata, formatting and other time-consuming work in submitting an app to the Apple App Store and costs less than $40.
  4. Life ‘Nextdoor’: the app taking neighbourhood gossip online during coronavirus – The app was originally designed as a group chat feature for neighbours, but is now being used for dating purposes.
  5. Swipe Right: Introducing the Tinder of holiday planning – Vacaay allows consumers to explore thousands of holiday destinations with a simple swipe of their smartphone.