The Startup Roundup – 12th July 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. Dedicated Developers Take Dating Apps to the Next Level With Creation of Relationship App – ‘Know Longer Single’ walks users through the four phases of a relationship: preparation, dating, courting, and marriage.
  2. Stealthy: Enabled by blockchain, owned by you – Stealthy is a decentralised, end-to-end encrypted messenger built with security and privacy in mind.
  3., The Fast Growing Free Dating Site – The free dating site also offers various features for either casual hookups or long term relationships.
  4. Dick Pic Attack is another ‘prank’ app that is just as awful as it sounds – For $2 – $10 users can send a variety of nude images to their friends.
  5. HSV Friends Debuts Free Dating and Support Groups for People With Herpes – The new platform is a supportive community of individuals from around the world, offering hope to those living with STDs.
  6. With its mentor-matching app, Tribute aims to be ‘the Bumble of corporate mentorship’ – Tribute is targeting employees at Fortune 500 companies to help guide the next generation of young professionals through their careers.