The Startup Roundup – 16th October 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. Cheek2Cheek: Love is in the derriere! – The promotional dating app is powered by bidet company ‘Tushy’, and claims to match users based on their booty preferences.
  2. Snatchable: Video Dating Simplified – All users have video profiles to show off their unique matches which should lead to more worthwhile matches.
  3. Foodates: Dating App For Foodies – The app matches users with similar food preferences so they can easily decide where to go on a first date and take some of the stress out of early interactions.
  4. FamiFami: Choose the right partner for your future family – The app has just launched in North America and has a strong focus on pairing two people for marriage.
  5. Short King Dating: F*ck Tall Guys, Date A Short King – The app is specifically designed for people under 5’8” who typically struggle to find matches on mainstream platforms.