The Startup Roundup – 17th January 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. New Dating Site Lets You Pick Partner Based On Smell – Smell Dating requires users to wear a shirt without deodorant for three days so samples can be sent to potential partners.
  2. This New Dating App Makes People ‘Apply’ For A Date With You – Singles on Glaries record ten-second application videos to convince the other person that they should go on a date together.
  3. Truffls Creates App That Lets You Swipe For The Right Job – Users get shown a deck full of job-specs and swipe left or right depending on if they’re interested.
  4. New styling app Mada wants to be Tinder for shopping – Artificial intelligence technology helps Mada gain more of an understanding of a user’s fashion sense  when they swipe on the clothes they like.
  5. An Ex-Mormon Dating App Supports dating for like-minded users with the same new found beliefs – NEW is a dating app for those whose beliefs have changed and understand the complexities of moving away from the LDS Church.
  6. ‘One match, one date:’ Ottawa-based dating app pushes in-person dates – Wandure makes matches and schedules a first date based on interests, availability and budget.