The Startup Roundup – 18th June 2021

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Startup news this week:

  1. Lylt: Voice First Dating – This invite-only dating app helps singles save time by getting rid of swiping and letting them have clear conversations right away.
  2. Safe Date: No Predators, No Victims – All Safe Date users will be required to undergo a rigorous vetting process during the registration stage, which should prevent bad actors from getting onto the platform.
  3. Lesbian Island: Free Lesbian Dating – A free dating platform for women seeking same-sex relationships which also consists of livestreaming capabilities.
  4. Teleport: Stop Swiping, Start Dating – Singles go on five virtual speed dates in half an hour, but are still connected to others in their city to improve the chances of a long-term offline relationship.
  5. Meet7: The UnSingle App – A video speed dating app for Indian singles sets up seven-minute long dates and also lets them have extra one-on-one calls to make sure they’re compatible.