The Startup Roundup – 18th September 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. Ronea: Show Off and Fall in Love – The Spain-based app combines dating with live streaming to help matches know more about each other’s personalities before the first message is sent.
  2. New dating site ‘Pinder’ connects lonely pets – The concept website helps owners set up pet play dates that could also lead to a romantic relationship.
  3. HumHum: A platform for virtual, conscious dating – Participants are encouraged to use traditional tantric yoga techniques, such as eye gazing and shared silence, to form stronger, more meaningful bonds.
  4. Berri: Anonymous Live-Matching Experience – The app is designed to help students at the University of Pennsylvania to connect with their fellow classmates.
  5. Ludia launches first interactive dating game Lovelink – Players will participate in a chat simulation before going on dates, with multiple choices available to personalise each experience.