The Startup Roundup – 20th July 2018

Dating Startups

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Startup news this week:



  1. This dating app matches you based on sexual fantasies – and 40% of its users AREN’T single – ‘Fantasy’ pairs potential partners in a “sex positive” way, using information about what turns them on in the bedroom.
  2. Rockifi – The Tinder for Rock Fans Rockifi is a new social networking and ticket comparison site, offering unique features that have never before been on the market for music fans.
  3. ‘Say Allo’ Artificial Intelligent Dating App Now Available on Android – Say Allo is the first dating app that uses artificial intelligence to determine visual and intelligence capability matches.
  4. Husbands use microtargeted ads to manipulate wives – The Spinner enables you to control articles presented to your wife, influencing her on a subconscious level to initiate sex.
  5.’s ICO will enable the roll-out of the next generation in social media –  It has some similarities to online dating, and indeed the pedigree of the founders is in that space.
  6. Kal Kingsley is leading the way in escort safety by creating an app, Smooci – Once a booking has been placed, GPS technology is used to track the date.