The Startup Roundup – 25th January 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. Bare Dating: How Much Will You Bare? – Launching this summer, Bare uses an innovative sliding curtain that reveals users’ bodies section by section.
  2. There’s A New Dating App Directly Inspired By Black Mirror – Juliet pairs singles together for a limited time only and lets them leave positive and negative feedback following their date.
  3. A new Muslim dating app is hosting its first meet-up in Vancouver this February – Muzproposal helps Muslims connect by hosting events that are casual, friendly, and adhere to Islamic values.
  4. Panion: The Future of Making Friends – This keyword-searchable social platform helps users meet like-minded friends that share their passions.
  5. Zappme: The Dating App With a Difference – Zappme lets users see people in their proximity and provides them with instant information giving them an opportunity to connect, anytime, anyplace.
  6. With SingleSpot, dating becomes authentic, social and fun again – There is no in-app communication, but singles check-in their location to let people nearby know they are available.