The Startup Roundup – 25th October 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. UC Berkeley graduates create app to help with online dating – Charmed users connect with their friends and receive immediate feedback on the matches they made on dating apps.
  2. LovePlus Every Finally Gets a Release Date in Japan After a Long Wait – The next instalment of the popular love simulation game will launch in Japan for iOS and Android on 31st October.
  3. Icebrkr: The Dating App – The brand new startup has extra features to enhance the dating experience, such as dating coaches and first date ideas.
  4. Eureka Allows Users to Express Love Secretly – Eureka Dating users are able to send secret emails and text messages to their crushes, and the identities will only be revealed if the feelings are mutual.
  5. Butterfly: Transforming transgender dating – Every person on Butterfly is open to a serious relationship with a transgender person, which removes difficult and awkward situations later on.