The Startup Roundup – 26th July 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. Introducing Hiki: The First-Ever Dating and Friendship App for the Autistic Community – Every aspect of Hiki was developed and designed in partnership with people with Autism to ensure that the tool was representative of atypical needs.
  2. New Dating App Kippo Connects Video Game Fans – After a successful match, users have 24 hours to either send the first message or form a party and play some games as a duo.
  3. New App Designed to Check if Stranger is Ready for Fling at First Sight Rolled out in Australia – Approach will let singles easily show if they are open for meeting someone or not, so potential partners can speak to them with confidence.
  4. Dappin: An app to find your hobby buddy – The networking and socialising app is named after the slang term for “the most fun you can have without being intoxicated”.
  5. 50plus Club: Dating and friendship for everyone over 50 – While browsing, users can choose if they are looking for a romantic partnership, friendship or both.
  6. Need a buddy? Website allows you to rent a friend in Bakersfield – Most of the ‘Friends’ on start at just $10 an hour, but some are willing to waive their fees.