The Startup Roundup – 28th May 2021

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Startup news this week:

  1. Latch Dating: The mobile dating app that takes online dating offline and in-person – After making a match, Latch suggests possible date locations and activities based on what kind of experience the couple are looking for.
  2. Heyoosh: No Profiles. No Swiping, Just Love – Heyoosh aims to provide a way to get to know people that’s anonymous, non-judgmental and protects the privacy of users while placing a focus on real-world encounters.
  3. Twinkle: A scintillating new take on mobile dating apps – Twinkle aims to combat swipe fatigue by giving users a limited number of ‘stars’ to send to people they fancy.
  4. Holler: Voice Dating Made Easy – Profile photos are only shown when someone chooses to reveal it after hearing an audio clip, but there’s only a limited number of daily reveals.
  5. Smile: Find Your Chemistry – Smile is a dating app that uses artificial intelligence and humour to create meaningful, lasting human connections.