The Startup Roundup – 4th January 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. ChinaLoveMatch Helps Daters Find Sincere Cross-Cultural Love Without Having to Worry About Scammers – One of ChinaLoveMatch’s main goals is to promote authenticity. They only accept 40% of applications.
  2. A New App Uses Date Deals to Keep Couples Coming Back After They’ve Matched – Let’s Go connects singles based on their ideal date experiences and offers them discounted a price at local establishments.
  3. The New LFGdating App Will Help More Single Gamers Work On Their Dating Game – The platform saw record growth in 2018 and has created an online community of mature single gamers.
  4. Okhtub Is The Egyptian App That Will Get You Hitched – Okhtub is targeted at young people who want something more than just a casual encounter.
  5. Attrct: Make a Real Connection – This new app lets singles upload pictures and videos to their stories and other users initiate conversations by replying to what has been shared.
  6. A Real Keeper: Online Dating and Matchmaking – This completely Irish dating website reduces the risks for its users and increases their chances of finding something real.
  7. Harmonica: Arabic dating app aims to help Egyptians find a ‘life partner’ – It provides a digital space for young Egyptians to meet potential partners.