The Startup Roundup – 5th February 2021

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Startup news this week:

  1. Sophia: Find Someone Who Gets You – The ‘Amazon Alexa’ of online dating, Sophia is an AI tool that acts as a personal assistant to set up the most compatible users.
  2. Let’s Wait: Dating App For Waiting Singles – Members are honest about their sexual expectations and most are pursuing emotional relationships rather than physical ones.
  3. Hudello: Find real friends based on personality and not looks – Users swipe on each other’s favourite things and a match is formed after three likes.
  4. RomanceTicket: Give Love A Second Chance – The platform allows users to search all around the globe because they never know where their soulmate might be.
  5. Commissary Club: The exclusive social network for people with criminal histories – Commissary Club is a safe space for ex-convicts to connect and help each other find dates, friends and jobs.