The Startup Roundup – 9th October 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. Farah: The Smartest Matching App For Muslims – Multiple users play live compatibility quizzes and are matched with the highest scoring participant.
  2. Not A Dating App: Pick a date, then find your match – The dating process is reverse engineered so users pick a fun first date activity before matching with someone to share it with.
  3. LMK: Q&A and make friends – The social news feed allows people to post updates, questions and polls to find people who share the same interests.
  4. Mind Phuc Is The Most Anticipated New Dating App To Launch This Fall – Named after the Vietnemese word for ‘happiness’, Mind Phuc looks to use traditional online dating methods to facilitate serious relationships.
  5. YarFinder: Best Persian Dating Site – YarFinder is one of the leading Iranian online dating platforms to help Persians singles find their perfect match.