The Times Publishes Feature on The Inner Circle

The Times has posted a longform article online about the “rise and rise” of The Inner Circle.

The piece outlines the reasons CEO David Vermeulen gives for launching the exclusive app: “clubs with the strictest door policies always had the longest queues”, it states, and the “calibre of prospective mates” elsewhere online didn’t seem to impress him.

The app has recently hit 650,000 active users, each paying a subscription of £20-£40 dependant on their age. The Inner Circle’s offline events are also gaining momentum, with users organising their own meetups abroad in addition to company-hosted occasions.

There are a number of positive user reviews included in the article, most of which juxtapose the experience of dating on The Inner Circle to that of a more open platform like Tinder.

The “swipeable smorgasbord of human flesh has its limits”, states the article, and a more curated experience is said to lead to better quality conversations and matches.

Reservations expressed by the interviewees included the prevalence of “Peter Pan-ish” style guys and “older women” wanting hook-ups.

The article closes by outlining the niches different exclusive apps have carved out for themselves in the premium dating space.

The Inner Circle primarily targets ‘young socialites’, The League ‘techie entrepreneurs’, Loveflutter blue ‘young politicians and minor celebrities’ and Raya ‘properly famous people’.

GDI recently interviewed Vermeulen on the success the app has had over the course of 2017. Read the full piece here.

Read the article in The Times here.