This Great Infographic Reveals The Best Ways To Target Each Generation On Social Media

Social Media

A great infographic by WebpageFX looks at social media usage and the best ways to target each generation.

WebpageFX explains that currently, there is a whopping 2.3bn active social media users worldwide.

And with a massive 91% of retail brands using at least two social media platforms, it seems like a popular and effective way to engage customers.

However, knowing exactly how to target a chosen audience can be daunting, especially as each generation uses social media differently.

WebpageFX explains that Generation Z (aged 13-19) in the USA represents the purchasing power of a whopping $44bn per year.

However, with an average attention span of eight seconds, it might be difficult to draw them in.

WebpageFX says that 33% of Generation Z would like brands to contact them via email, and 32% named Instagram as their social media platform of choice.

This said, the generation seems to be jumping ship when it comes to Facebook, with 25% aged 13-17 having left the site in 2014.

Social Media

However, when it comes to Millennials (aged 20-35), WebpageFX found that a huge 87% are still using Facebook, and interestingly 43% also said they would want brands to contact them via email.

Perhaps more concerning for businesses is the finding that Millennials find user-generated content 50% more reliable and 35% more memorable than branded content.

As for Generation X (aged 36-49), a large number tend to use Pinterest, with a whopping 36% of all pinners aged between 30-44.

And 48% of this generation were found to be on Twitter – however, less than half of this figure are actually active users.

The infographic also explains that just 8% of Generation X actively use Instagram.

Social Media

Finally, Baby Boomers (50-65) were found to have access to 70% of US disposable income, however just 54% own a smartphone.

This said, 84% of the generation has a Facebook account and 41% are on Pinterest.

And encouragingly, 58% of Baby Boomers will visit a company’s website after seeing the brand on social media.

To see the full infographic please click here.