This Lifestyle Dating App Matches Singles Over The Number Of Daily Steps They Do


A new dating app called Lime matches singles based on the number of steps they do every day.

The first dating app to integrate Apple’s built-in Health app into its matching algorithm, Lime describes itself as “Tinder minus the lazy people” and wants to match users who have similar lifestyles.

Lime does this by collecting each person’s daily steps from Apple’s Health app, analysing the information and curating a compatibility percentage based on the data.

A spokesperson for Lime said: “Lime is the first dating app to utilise Apple’s built-in Health app in order to match users based on their lifestyle.

“Lime gathers users’ daily Steps information and analyses the data to match users with potential dates who live a similarly active – or sedentary – lifestyle.”

The homescreen of the app (or the “Go” screen), shows potential matches in a grid-style format.

Users can see each person’s profile picture, how active they are and the approximate number of steps it would take to reach their location.


People can then browse through potential matches and find out more by clicking on their profiles – this will let them see more pictures, as well as the person’s age, education, the average number of steps they take each day and a percentage score of how similar their lifestyles are.

If they want to meet up, the user can click the “Go” button, which offers them three date options – meet up now, grab a coffee, or grab a bite.

A request is then sent to the other person and if they accept, the pair match and can begin talking within the app to organise the proposed date.

Once a match has taken place, users will also be able to see the other person’s lifestyle chart – which shows the number of steps they have taken over the past seven days, and compare it to their own.

Users of Lime can also opt out of sharing the number of steps they do each day by changing their settings within the app.

To find out more about Lime please click here.

Emma Woodley

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