This New Tool Can Check If Google Will Penalise Your Site For Its Adverts

Interstitial Penalty Check

At the end of the month, a handy new tool is launching to help you check if your site will be penalised by Google for having intrusive ads.

In August, Google announced plans to start penalising pages on mobile sites that show intrusive interstitials.

This rule will come into effect in January 2017, and to get you prepared, a new online tool will help to make sure you aren’t punished by Google’s new rules.

Interstitial Penalty Check is a new free tool that can help you check if the ads on your site are intrusive.

The team behind the site decided to build it because Google said they would not be launching an official testing tool.

Interstitial Penalty Check launches on 31st October, and you can sign up to receive updates on the service here.