TikTok Introduces Interactive Add-Ons

TikTok is adding a range of new ways to encourage engagement with your in-stream ads, with new ‘Interactive Add-Ons’ which, as they sound, incorporate interactive elements into your video promotions.

TikTok’s Interactive Add-Ons provide a range of engagement features that prompt users to take action on your ad, by inviting them into the experience.

TikTok said: “Interactive Add-ons offer a unique way to entice engaged viewers with popups, stickers, and other visual elements. Viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy a product or service. Catching the eye of active consumers is made easier with these new creative enhancements.”

Interact with generic TikTok ads means that users are more likely to buy than those that engage because of these new triggers, but even so, it could be a good way to spark response, and boost brand recall, with a range of interesting options to consider in your TikTok marketing approach.

The additions are categorised into ‘Premium’ and ‘Standard’ add-ons, which doesn’t relate to ad spend tiers, but your specific aims.

“Standard add-ons offer a way to reach lower-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions. Premium add-ons offer a way to reach upper-funnel goals, like brand awareness and community building. Both offer you a unique chance to capture people’s attention in a format that resonates with them.”

That said, not all of these options are available to all advertisers as yet, with the notes on TikTok’s help page indicating that they’re still in testing and not available for all accounts.

But they will be soon, and that provides a range of new options to consider in your TikTok marketing process, including interesting ad prompts that can help to boost your response rates.

Luke Smith

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