Tinder Accuses Hookup App Wild of Trademark Infringement

Tinder has issued two complaints to startup app Wild, as it claims there has been a trademark infringement regarding the use of its flame logo.

Wild’s old logo featured a reverse image of Tinder’s iconic flame as a replacement for the dot on the ‘i’. Match Group sent an email to the hookup app and requested that it immediately stopped using the trademark in case users mistakenly thought the two products were related.

Catherine Malone, the marketing director for Wild, explained that “out of respect” the flame icon was edited so it had a unique outline.

However, this was seen as unsatisfactory by Match Group representatives who sent a second email suggesting that Wild completely remove the flame from its badge.

Malone responded in a statement by saying: “This is a classic bully tactic. To be told to remove all references to symbol depicting something as universal as a flame is simply ridiculous. For Tinder to claim exclusive rights to a flame, a universal symbol for hope, strength, passion, desire, heat, and romance is absurd. 

“The Wild team will continue to stand behind all that the flame represents, and not just for our brand, but for all the growing brands blazing their own paths in a world where a few big names think they can extinguish their competition, at will.”

It appears as though Wild will not be making any further edits, so Tinder could be forced to take the complaint higher and attempt to issue a copyright strike with the iOS and Google Play stores.

Earlier this year, Craiglist instructed personals dating service Cragly to rebrand to ensure there was no confusion between the two companies.

Visit the Wild website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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