Tinder Addresses Encryption Security Flaws


Tinder has improved its user security by addressing an issue around photo privacy.

Tinder users’ pictures were not previously encrypted, making them accessible to hackers.

A potential privacy breach was averted following a letter from a US senator.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden wrote a letter to Tinder’s parent company Match.com, about the security issue.


Twitter user Matthew Green tweeted a letter from Match.com to Senator Wyden, stating that Tinder has recently been fully secured.

Early in the year Checkmarx, a cyber-security firm, discovered two vulnerabilities at the dating app, including that it allowed hackers on the same WiFi network to monitor and even control what a Tinder user was doing.

However, Match.com were able to deal with this issue on 6th February, as stated in the letter.

The second issue was the noticeable data consumption differences between swipes and matches in Tinder. A hacker was able to monitor the amount of data used by Tinder and figure out what the user was doing.

Match.com fixed this problem by coding the various actions to appear identical to one another.

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