Tinder Adds New Personality-Boosting Features

Tinder has unveiled the rollout of new profile and discovery features which will help users to display their true selves. Changes in this update include profile prompts, profile quizzes, updated designs, and an improved reporting system.

The global dating app acknowledges that there is more to each individual than the photos they use on their profile. It is therefore providing new ways for users to display their personality on their profile in this new update.

Tinder will be introducing profile prompts, with introductory conversation starters like “The key to my heart is”, “The first item on my bucket list is”, and “Two truths and a lie”. 

Potential matches will be able to respond to these prompts, and “spark engaging conversations that dig deeper than a mere Like or Nope”, the app explained. This change will make Tinder more similar to Hinge, where users don’t swipe but must interact with profile prompts to initiate conversation.

Furthermore Tinder will be introducing profile quizzes where potential matches can complete a quiz about one another, helping to ‘discover compatibility potential’.

The dating app is also introducing info tags on each profile where users will be able to display key information about themselves. This includes information about pets, zodiac signs, and love languages, helping users to see crucial details about the person they’re swiping on.

These features will be tied together with a “Rizz-first Redesign”, with a new look, UI changes, and fresh animations. The platform will also allow for Dark Mode to be activated, helping with late-night swiping and Tinder use in public.

“At Tinder, we understand that connecting today is about authenticity, depth, and the desire for connections that go beyond the surface. This suite of features is the response to this evolving need. We know the new generation of daters prioritizes value-based qualities such as respect (78%) and open-mindedness (61%) over looks (56%)”, says Mark Van Ryswyk, Chief Product Officer at Tinder.

“They care about authentic connections formed through shared interests and common causes and have no time for the ‘game-playing’ of previous generations. They want to portray their true authentic selves and expect the same in return. With these new profile and discovery features, it’s never been that easy and fun to share what makes you unique”, Van Ryswyk shares.

This shift was sparked by Tinder’s own research, which found that 69% of Gen Zers respondents believe that “dating standards need refreshing to fit a more modern and diverse society”, the dating app explains.

Together with these updates is an enhanced system for reporting inappropriate and harmful content. Users will be able to report specific profile elements, such as certain prompts, whereas in the past they had to report the entire profile to moderators. 

Read the full description of Tinder’s new features here. 

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