Tinder Adds Video Selfie Verification

Tinder is adding a new layer to its verification process by asking users to film a video selfie. It will also now allow photo verified users to filter out messages from unverified accounts on the platform.

Video selfies take verification “to the next level”, Tinder shares. Previously users would take static images of themselves in various poses, with these photos then compared with the profile’s images.

The new process means users will have to complete a series of video prompts, which “helps Tinder keep those blue checkmarks more real”. Over the coming months, users around the world will be prompted to re-verify using video selfies.

In a recent press release, Tinder shared that it would be upgrading the options associated with its photo verification feature.

Under ‘Message Settings’, users are now able to configure their filters so that only photo verified accounts can send them a DM. They can also now prompt a new match to undergo photo verification without having to send a single message.

Tinder Gold members will be able to filter their ‘likes’ by photo verified members as well.

“Tinder daters consistently tell us that photo verification is one of their most valued safety features. The tool provides one more way to help members better assess the authenticity of their match. For our 18-25 year old members, being Photo Verified gives them a 10% higher chance to match”, said Rory Kozoll, SVP of Product Integrity at Tinder.

“We will continue prioritizing these methods to help make Tinder a safer place to meet someone new”, Kozoll continued.

Tinder states that nearly 40% of its userbase is photo verified. With the addition of video selfies into this process, it found that men are now more likely to complete the verification. With this in mind, the dating app will be prompting all new users to undergo verification.