Tinder Believes No Accounts Breached in Facebook Hack

A statement released by Tinder suggests that no dating profiles were breached during the recent Facebook hack.

It was revealed that 50 million Facebook profiles were accessed by hackers, and any services that a user signed up for with their social media account were also vulnerable.

However, according to Axios, a spokesperson for Tinder said that they had found “no evidence to suggest accounts have been accessed based on the limited information Facebook has provided”.

There are still ongoing checks that need to be made by the dating company, but at the moment the signs are looking positive.

Tinder also called on Facebook to release the full list of users affected by the hack to help them check all of the at risk profiles more efficiently.

The spokesperson continued:“We will continue to investigate and be vigilant — as we always are — and if Facebook would share the affected user lists, it would be very helpful in our investigation.”

Tinder does have an alternative sign up method, so users can verify their identity using a mobile phone number rather than connecting a Facebook account. Initial numbers showed that the number of Facebook logins were rising, despite the new mobile option.

Contradicting this, the spokesperson has now revealed that fewer consumers have been using the Facebook login in recent months.

Dating accounts with other platforms – such as Bumble – could have also been affected by the hack, but no statements from these companies have been released as of yet.

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Dominic Whitlock

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