Tinder CEO Says The College You Attend Impacts The Number Of Right Swipes You Get

College You Attend

Tinder CEO Sean Rad recently said the college you attend can play a part in whether you get that all important first date.

And following his comment, Business Insider investigated, looking at the influence that including an Ivy League school on your profile has on the number of right swipes you get.

Pulling data on these users, they found that surprisingly, the most prestigious universities seemed less popular compared to other schools.

As it stands, Harvard, Yale and Princeton are ranked highest out of all universities in the country on the US News’ annual US college list.

And yet when it comes to being right swiped, stating you attend one of these three schools actually bumps you down to 8th, 7th and 6th place on the list of the % of “yes” swipes, compared to “no” swipes over the course of a month.

However when it comes to being Super Liked, being a Harvard student is more beneficial, with students at the college receiving the highest number of Super Likes compared to attendees of other schools.

The study also looked at how many social groups people match with from Ivy League schools using the app’s Tinder Social feature.

This saw Cornell, Harvard and Penn named as the top three colleges for Tinder Social success, compared to Princeton and Dartmouth who came near the bottom.

See the full list of findings below:

Percentage of “yes” swipes compared to “no”:

  1. Penn
  2. Brown
  3. Columbia
  4. Cornell
  5. Dartmouth
  6. Princeton
  7. Yale
  8. Harvard

Number of monthly matches: 

  1. Columbia
  2. Penn
  3. Harvard
  4. Cornell
  5. Brown
  6. Yale
  7. Dartmouth
  8. Princeton

Number of monthly Super Likes:

  1. Harvard
  2. Penn
  3. Columbia
  4. Yale
  5. Cornell
  6. Princeton
  7. Brown
  8. Dartmouth

Number of monthly social groups: 

  1. Cornell
  2. Harvard
  3. Penn
  4. Columbia
  5. Yale
  6. Brown
  7. Princeton
  8. Dartmouth

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